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The Art of Tea Mixology: Creating Unique Loose Leaf Tea Infusions

The Art of Tea Mixology: Creating Unique Loose Leaf Tea Infusions

Tea mixology is the art of making distinctive beverages with tea as their main component, and Wildlane Tea has the perfect herbal tea blends to offer limitless luxury tea treats. Tea is versatile - a vibrant, aromatic addition to every special occasion and every magical moment.

There’s More to Tea…

Tea infusions can be made in a variety of ways. Steeping loose leaf tea in hot water is the most straightforward procedure. The beauty of Wildlane Tea’s premium organic teas is that you can enjoy them hot, iced or frozen, as an alcoholic cocktail, as part of a non-alcoholic mixture, or simply as it is. You could even add these specially crafted tea infusions to desserts.

After making your tea infusion, you can add other ingredients to make a distinctive and delectable beverage. Fruit, honey, spices, and alcohol are among common additions. Wildlane Tea has poured time and love into finding the most delicious concoctions, using premium gins, whiskey, vodka, brandy and rum. You could also use non-alcoholic alternatives to elevate the healthy element of your drink.

Creative Tea Infusions

Here are some suggestions for inventive tea infused drinks offered by Wildlane Tea:

  • Juniper Bloom – a heavenly combination of raspberries, juniper berries, elderberries, hibiscus, calendula strawberry and optional gin. Indulge in floral scents for the ultimate tea mixology experience.
  • Wild Embers – fuel inspiration and desire with peppermint and lemon notes complimenting this zesty tea blend. Enjoy warm or as a refreshing iced tea.
  • Baba’s Nightcap – welcome the ideal mix of floral flavours with lavender, rose and camellia sinensis. This infusion will whisk you away to a dreamland and is perfect to pair with your chosen vodka or gin.

Wildlane Tea has created our own distinctive tea infusions by experimenting with various flavours and ingredients, bringing you herbal, fruity and spicy delights to treat your tastebuds, warm your heart and strengthen your connections. With a little practice, you can make mouth-watering and unique tea infusions that will wow your family and friends.

Tea Mixology is For Everyone

Tea mixology is a great way to include your friends and family in your passion for crafting drinks that speak to the mind and body. Picture beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see, huddle with people that matter, sipping soothing notes of herbs, fruits and spices. Imagine trying exciting new flavours or forming the tastiest tea-infused ice cubes for your after-work beverage.

Whether you're a conosseiur of gin and fruity florals, or you simply want to spruce up your high tea experience, Wildlane Tea master in the art of tea mixology, and so can you!

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