Vodka is a neutral spirit which lends its versatile qualities to a wealth of cocktails and recipes. From fruit choice to ginger beer, vodka is the ideal base drink, but it is also a wonderful short. There are many flavoured vodkas, ranging from berries to vanilla, making it a great choice to blend with fruity, floral and crispy notes. Some of the most famous cocktails in the world are made using vodka, with many others having the option of switching out other spirits, such as gin or rum, for vodka due to the neutral flavour. Martini, anyone?

Vodka is traditionally created from grain – most often rye. But corn, wheat and potatoes are also used, and even grapes or sugar cane. Wildlane Teas’s blends bring vodka to life with mouth-watering bursts of berries, hibiscus and floral delights.

Did You Know?

A few small drops of vodka can help to preserve freshly cut flowers.