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Why Wild Lane Tea?

It was Christmas 2021, and the celebration and scent of whiskey transported Natalya, the daughter of a refugee from Middle Europe to a memory of a world that she missed and longed for. Natalya was born in Sydney. Her mother was from Southern Europe, and her Baba, (grandmother) was from Eastern Europe. They landed in the “lucky country” around 1930. Even in the rain, to them, the sun was shining. They brought with them homely treasures, culture, music, food and a tapestry of tradition - including the art of drinking tea.

Natalya grew up with homemade wine, herbal teas, spirits, food and love; the mixture was traditional every Sunday afternoon in her mother’s backyard or her Teta’s own garden full of vegetables and wild herbs. They laughed, talked, and shared their journeys, heartbreaks and life learnings. It was a time when conversations were authentic, climbing trees, kicking a ball, and the elderly would talk until tomorrow came.
Natalya's Mum and Baba would make delicious herbal tea brews and mix vodka with specific herbs and whiskey with other natural teas – the scent and taste were unforgettable. Here, the magic of love appeared, transforming dreams and laughter with the family - where men would debate, and women would share.

Together as a family, life was created, moved, touched and inspired. Natalya's memories of a world she once knew so well gave birth to what we know today as Wild Lane Tea.

Drinking Wild Lane Tea is about immersing yourself in the experience and the magical feelings it evokes. Laugh with friends and strangers, put the world to rights, and share your dreams – Wild Lane Tea premium tea blends can be enjoyed hot or cold, removing the ‘quick cup of tea’ notion from the experience. A flavour or a smell can ignite a whole world of feelings and thoughts, and nostalgic memories and renewed passion can come from a few simple sips.

The Wild Lane Tea Range offers unique mixtures of berry and herbal teas with the option of adding your favourite *spirit, taking your taste buds to a new realm. Unblended whiskey, rum, vodka, brandy or gin pair perfectly with Wild Lane Tea.

*alcohol not included

So, what makes Wild Lane Tea uniquely magical?

Our story, our authenticity, and our genuine desire to enrich lives through taste, comfort, inspiration and above all - story telling!

Mission Statement

Wild Lane Tea’s mission is to renew the love of talking, connecton and sharing with others, bringing people together with infused teas and specially crafted cocktail blends. We at Wild Lane Tea want absolutely everyone to fully enjoy the experience our tea inspired drinks offer. Wild Lane loose leaf teas and delicious tea cocktails – when mixed with your favourite spirit – are aimed at the heart and mind – they are designed to evoke feelings and inspire dreams. We do not simply offer premium teas; we offer an event that brings unity, companionship and fresh ideas. Our tea range aim to boost every experience, from family days to dates, TV nights to lunchtime delights. One of our goals is to support a charity. We want to ease loneliness with herbal teas and emotive beverages, with dads, aunties, teens and older people across the globe finding companionship through our blends.

Our research demonstrated that all demographics welcome our concept. No matter your age, gender, ethnicity or status. Wild Lane Tea infusions enrich people's love for themselves, others, and their present and future. Our passion is to be the go-to tea drink for all magical occasions because even those quiet days are special. We want to transport you to that happy place, be it in the future when you have followed your dreams, or back down memory lane. Wild Lane Tea recipes are designed to reach the soul, and while we are based in Australia, we want our drinks to travel far and become part of many lives across the globe. Our vision is to strengthen fragile relationships and encourage community spirit through the power of tastebuds and relaxation. To spark passion and encourage ambition. There is no limit to your dreams; you simply have to believe.


Our Impact

Our Beliefs

✔ People come first – our products are designed to enrich connections and fuel inspiration.
✔ Authenticity drives results – real thought and care go into choosing our tea blends.
✔ Empowerment is limitless – we aim to ignite ambition and encourage dreams with drinks that get below the surface and tap into raw emotion and connection.
✔ Culture and diversity are key – a fully inclusive and accepting world is the only way.
✔ Fun – fun brings people together, turns dark days light and feeds imaginations, and fun runs through everything Wildland Teas does.

Our Principles

✔ Integrity – honesty and robust moral principles in every part of our business.
✔ Wellbeing – the wellbeing of our customers and communities is paramount.
✔ Equality – a no-nonsense equality policy that promotes inclusivity, diversity and fairness at all times.
✔ Sustainability – we must reduce ecological harm by prioritizing sustainability.
✔ Freedom – we continue to promote that everybody should be free to pursue self-development and personal transformation.

Made in Australia

Enjoyed Anywhere

Made for the Mind

Crafted by Mixologists

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