Wild Lane Tea Paired With Your Favourite Rum

Whether you prefer light-bodied or fuller-flavoured rum, it is an incredibly versatile spirit that can be sipped in a cocktail, enjoyed as a spiced alcoholic beverage or mixed with complimentary or contrasting flavours and ingredients. No matter the occasion, light or dark rum can be the perfect addition, either as an ingredient or on its own. Teaming rum with one of Wildlane Tea’s luxury tea blends is a beautiful way to enjoy your favourite rum variety.

Rum is made from molasses – a dark and sweet sugarcane product - and therefore generally has a sweetness to it, but this is toned down due to the distillation process. The result is a unique and slightly dry nectarous taste, which mixes beautifully with flavours such as pineapple, lemon, coconut, orange and spice. Rum is often associated with beautiful countries such as Cuba, Puerto Rico and Jamaica, so it is no surprise that this is a popular spirit for warmer days and celebrations. Dark, light, coconut or spiced – all rum types offer a warm welcome of a beverage, especially when enjoyed with exquisite loose leaf teas hand crafted by Wildlane teas.

Did You Know?

Rum is the oldest spirit in the world. The first distillation dates back to the 1620s in the Caribbean.