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Bohemian Fire

Bohemian Fire

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Wild Lane’s handcrafted blend Bohemian Fire transports you to starry evening by the campfire embraced by nature, sit back and relish the freedom with this aromatic blend of tea which contrasts the potency of rum, a desirable mix of sweet Victorian oranges, roasted green tea and warm citrus and tropical fruits. This blend is the ideal Autumn spice accompaniment for festivities around the fire or simply huddling with friends and family, discussing a future of possibilities and dreams.

Note: To enhance the flavour profile and ensure the best tasting experience, we highly recommend pairing our exquisite teas with unflavoured spirits rather than mixed or flavoured ones.

More about the herbs

Cinnamon is an aromatic spice made from tree bark. It has many health benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving gut health and lowering blood pressure. 


Camellia Sinensis, Cinnamon, Orange, Licorice

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  • Young Baxter

    Cocktail: Rum

  • Mosel

    Mulled Tea (hot cocktail): Brandy

  • Pioneer


  • Colerado


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How to Enjoy WLT

Discover a world of flavours with Wild Lane Tea's organic and preservative-free loose leaf teas, perfectly crafted to pair with your favourite *spirit, a lovely warm tea to journey into the evening or delicious on its own. It can be enjoyed hot, cold, frozen or as it.

*alcohol not included

Ways to Enjoy

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers


Just wanted to say that I loved your after dinner teas. I really loved how the berry flavour worked so well with my night cap. Now I wake up with a cup of tea and go to bed with one! Great job and look forward to tasting your other flavours.

- Tristan

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers


Wow, the tea was incredible !!! My husband loves the whiskey blend and I had the Gin Juniper Bloom. The tins are amazing, and the quality is just sublime. I will definitely be ordering again. I also tried the tea cold and created an amazing tea based cocktail which was enjoyed by everyone.


Hear From Our Satisfied Customers


Tasted amazing! I tried the Juniper tea with a shot of Gin, it was smooth and warmed me up right away! I can't wait to try some of the other flavours. What a great concept!