Gin has earned the popularity it deserves in recent years, with many flavours and brands available across the world. The versatility of gin makes it a wonderful spirit for aromatic mixes, punchy fruity flavours and even spicy notes. As one of the world’s favourite spirits, gin can be enjoyed neat, in a cocktail, or a premium loose leaf tea blend like Wildlane Tea’s. Gin is one of the healthiest alcohol choices as it is very low in calories.

Traditionally made from juniper berries, gin is known for its biting, piney flavour. It was the spirit given to Dutch soldiers when heading to battle which coined the phrase ‘Dutch courage.’ Courage is a poignant word, as it takes courage to embrace and follow your dreams. To share your ambitions and thoughts authentically with loved ones and new people. Gin is a staple cocktail ingredient, bringing many classic favourites to the table, including 007’s iconic favourite, but it can also be enjoyed in Wildlane Tea’s various brewed delights.

Did you know?

The second Saturday of June every year is World Gin Day.