Whiskey is made all over the world, but some of the most famous varieties come from Scotland, Ireland, the United States and Canada. There are a vast amount of different whiskey flavours, which is why whiskey tasting is a much-loved experience for fans of the spirit. People enjoy their whiskey in many ways – on the rock, with water, with ginger ale, soda or coke, or in a cocktail. Now, you can also enjoy beautiful whiskey flavours in tea with Wildlane Tea’s luxury loose leaf tea selection.

Many factors determine the flavour of whiskey, and there are a variety of flavour families, including fruity, peaty, cereal, woody and floral. Whether you enjoy relaxing with a Bourbon, mingling with a Scotch or celebrating with an Irish whiskey, Wildlane Teas have the perfect tea treats to enhance the experience.

Did You Know?

The word ‘whiskey’ originated from a Gaelic phrase, ‘Uisce beatha,’ meaning ‘water of life’.