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Tropical Delights: Tiki Tea Infusions and Rum Blends

Tropical Delights: Tiki Tea Infusions and Rum Blends

Once you start experimenting with Wildlane Tea’s mix of fruity, herbal and spiced loose leaf tea flavours, you will enter a world of exotic delights. The tiki style of cocktails combine the bright flavours of tropical regions and the richness of rum to create quintessential drinks for any playful mood or occasion.

The Beauty of Rum

Rum is a very adaptable spirit that can be sipped in a cocktail, savoured as a spiced alcoholic beverage, or mixed with complementary or opposing ingredients. This is true whether you choose light-bodied or fuller-flavoured rum. Light or dark rum can be the ideal addition for any event, as a cocktail ingredient or on its own. Combining your favourite rum with one of Wildlane Tea's high-end loose leaf tea blends is a lovely way to unwind, socialise and free your mind.

The distinctive flavour of rum blends nicely with foods like pineapple, lemon, coconut, oranges and spices. Traditionally a spirit for warmer days and celebrations, rum is often linked to places such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. All rum varieties, whether dark, light, coconut-flavoured, or spiced, make for an exotic delight, especially when paired with superb botanical Wildlane Tea’s.

Rum Cocktails For Inspiration

Wildlane Tea are proud of crafting premium loose leaf tea blends that feed the mind and heart. Mixing them warm or cold with rum, or any spirit, is a great way to enhance and savour the taste. Why not spice up some of your cocktail favourites? Here are some tropical rum classics and our twists, and remember, these work just as well with alcohol-free rum too!

Sauvage Highball – dark rum, pineapple juice, ginger syrup, Sauvage Wildlane Tea and lime - our refreshing take on a tiki cocktail, promising a taste of tropical relaxation in every sip.

9 Sensesmade with rum or cachaca, this tropical taste sensation delights the senses with passionfruit, pineapple juice, coconut water and a hint of lemongrass, with an added burst of flavour from our Sauvage tea.

Zombie - rum, fruit juices, and spices are used to make this traditional tiki beverage – a delightfully tangy and sweet drink.

Pina Colada - rum, pineapple juice, and coconut cream. Refreshing and smooth.

Mojito – made with rum, lime juice, club soda, mint and sugar, this zesty, refreshing Cuban classic will never disappoint.

Mai Tai – rum – both dark and light – orange liqueur, pineapple juice, fresh lime and syrup all come together to make this explosively sweet and fruity exotic delight.

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